5 Important Advantages of the Right Basketball Shoes

You may have a deep love for the game and great potential as well, nevertheless, the equipment you use will play an important role in your abilities as a ball player. The shoes you wear on the court say a lot about your commitment to the sport. Imagine how much your game can be improved with fluid movement of the feet.

The following article will illustrate a few important ways that your shoes can make you a better player. As you will see, the shoes you wear can make for a more enjoyable experience and sharpen gameplay; the importance of a good pair of basketball shoes should never be questioned when trying to elevate your game.


No. 1 — Comfortable and sturdy connection to the floor

The right shoes make the trip up and down the court far more comfortable and allow you to complete this trip many times without pain. The way the foot sits inside the shoes affects the grip on the floor. When the shoe fits nicely, this can allow for sharper movements and faster acceleration without the risk of losing control.


No. 2 — Speed

A good pair of basketball shoes is essential for players that wish to play at a fast-paced and competitive level. Shoes made specifically for basketball feel more secure than an ordinary gym shoe, which can help when finishing at the basket. A good pair of basketball shoes also increases the speed in which you can shift in the lateral direction, allowing for quick maneuvers. Players that need an edge in beating their defender can greatly benefit from such an advantage.


No. 3 — Ankle Protection

Broken ankles can end a promising career in basketball fast, or at the very least until next season. This is a common occurrence for those who wear improper shoes in competitive scenarios. Mid and high tops undeniably provide good support for the ankles. However, thousands of players still choose to play ball with shoes that lack support and stabilization, which can result in injuries.


No. 4 – Knee Stability

Wearing a nicely fitted basketball shoe will help your body absorb impact from falling hard or landing uncomfortably. If your shoe is not well padded, it will put significantly more tension on the leg when landing. While conditioning and stretching may seem like adequate prevention, a good shoe is equally as important. When a foot moves inside the shoe, it puts strain on other muscles in the leg. Investing in a good pair of shoes is far better, and cheaper, than spending months recovering from an ACL or MCL tear.


No. 5 — Cushioning

Some players have the mistaken idea that effort and progress is intimately tied to pain and suffering. When it comes to improving your game on the court, you will want to make the experience as comfortable as possible. Too little cushioning can lead to fatigue, sore ankles and require you to sit out a couple of days to recover. But perfect cushioning allows the player to forget about their feet and focus on performance. This means that cuts, stops and redirection can be done naturally, with lesser risk of injury. A player constantly preoccupied with their blistered feet is not an effective player.


Final notes — another important aspect of gameplay that is improved with a good pair of basketball shoes is confidence. Anxiety and nervousness can easily keep you from confronting “better” or “more experienced” players on the court. When you pull up wearing a clean pair of J’s, everyone is going to think you got game to match.

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